As population in the world gets bigger and bigger everyday, people are struggling due to limited resources like food, shelter etc. And the biggest competition people encounter now is the scarce job offerings. Applying for a job means putting your best foot forward. And putting your best foot forward should make you standout from other applicants. But applying for a job is not that easy. It feels like flying using a parachute and you don’t know where to land.
When you are called for a job interview, don’t assume that it is already a success. Job interview is just the beginning of the struggle. To face reality, here are the burdens we encounter when we are called for a job interview.
1. The job interview preparation
When we are called for a job interview, we see to it that as we enter the office, we have all the information we should know about the company. Their mission, their vision, what the company is all about etc. We have also hard time choosing what to wear and what to look like. Preparation for interview needs a lot of preparations too. Job interview preparation is not a joke. You also sometimes need to rehearse in order to be comfortable once you are already at the actual interview. Interview preparation is not just 10-15 minutes before the interview. It requires a lot of time.
2. The Actual Interview
In reality, your burden for the interview doesn’t stop with the preparation. It is more struggling when you are already in the actual scene. As you pursue answering the job interview questions properly and impressively, you cannot control your legs trembling and the feeling of uneasiness. This unpleasant feeling usually affects your job interview answers. You oftentimes forget what to say although you know what is the right answer to the question.
Job interview questions should be understood carefully. And your job interview answers should be direct to the point and prĂ©cised. Yeah, this is the hardest part especially when you don’t know the answer.
3. The Job Interview Thank you Letter
Whatever is the outcome of the interview, don’t forget to give the company a job interview thank you letter. Still, they had given you the chance to impress them and show them that you really want the job. Thank you letter should be sent 24 hours after the interview. Thank you letter is a symbol that the interview is very important to you. But the burden enters when your job interview is not successful. It is very hard to make a thank you letter especially when you did not benefit on something and especially when the interviewer is not that nice.
Although ironic, you must give a thank you letter whatever is the result of the interview because thank you letter is a must. Lastly, proofreading your letter is a requirement. This can have effect to the company’s impression about you.
In order to avoid these burdens in the job interview, you must seek a professional for job interview tips. This person can give you advices regarding the dos and don’ts before, during and after an interview. You can seek job interview help from someone who can give you the best tips and secrets for a successful job interview.